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2014 C.S.R.A. RULES

By September 28, 2013News, OUTLAW RACERS MEMBERS

C.S.R.A. RULES 2011 /2012/2013/2014

by Tommy Lee Hennings, Acting President CSRA llc,



2014 General rules


If you have been following the last 3 years you will notice very few changes. For those of you that are new seeing this, we look forward to your input by emailing one of the race directors:  racecratproducts@gmail.com

Classic Speedway Racing Association also herein referred to as CSRA; is a club. The Club rules are as follows.



1]  Car Owner Rules

1A]  80% fun 20% racing (We’ll talk about that more. Very Important)

1B]    70’s and older SuperModifieds and Non-down tube sprint cars you’re automatically a member !

1C]  Any engine combination (Consider this is Vintage Style Racing)

1D]  Any suspension combination (Consider this is Vintage Style Racing)

1E]  Wings on supers only

1F]  Banana style wings only

1G]  80 inches of 2×4 box tubing defines a supermodified

1H]  No blocking or instant black flag and kicked out of club event. Possibly not invited to any more club events. (Consider this is Vintage Style Racing)

1P]  Touch another car- out of event upon discretion of race director.

1Q]  All appearance money or participant swag gos to the car owner





2]  Line-Up

2A]  80% fun 20% racing (We’ll talk about that more. Very Important)

2B]  Based on overall driver/car competence and speed.

2C]  Champions input

2D]  Extra Weight on Track Promoters input and considerations…. Series sponsors, crowd, etc…




3]  General participants rules of conduct

3A]  80% fun 20% racing (We’ll talk about that more. Very Important)

3B]  Owner and driver are responsible for all actions of their pit crew

3C]  Gentlemanly conduct of driver owner and there support



4]  Promoter Requirements for CSRA Sanctioning

4A]  80% fun 20% racing (We’ll talk about that more. Very Important)

4B (1) General ‘Qualifying Session’. This is where 10 cars at a time would make 4-6 laps to find out the general line up. (Optional for Promoters and Participants)

4C]  (4) car trophy dash (Optional for Promoters and Participants)

4D  (2) Heat Races

4E]  (10-15) Lap Main Event  80% fun 20% racing  (We’ll talk about that more. Very Important)




5]  80% fun 20% racing  What does that mean. ?

5A]  It’s like the Supreme Court once said about their ruling. “I know it when I see It.”

5B]  Everyone has been successful in their life endeavors and we are men. We don’t want to be embarrassed.  We could do a lot of things with our time. So it’s about fun for the most part. If one person wins all the time it’s no fun for anyone else and borders on embarrassing.

5C]  The reasons to eliminate a participant to the invitational club event are longer than the rules. It is a club so we all have to get along. Everyone needs to leave very happy. That means safe, cars rolling back on the trailers and the camaraderie we all love about this sport.

5D]  Most of you are former Champions and another win is completely meaningless. Whatever a win means, it never means creating un-necessary danger for either involved.

5E]  If you win one get to the back of the pack until someone else gets a turn. 80% fun 20% racing (We’ll talk about that more. Very Important)

5F]  If your that good and need that much exhilaration of a win WE ALL suggest you go try your skills with the 20 years olds. There are plenty of series and classes to measure yourself.

5G]  Most of us are beyond that hence the 80% fun 20% Racing Club Moto.

5H]  We don’t want to have kids coming and practicing with us so you need to be 50ish .

5P]  No drivers competing in a point series race for 1 year prior to participating at a CSRA event.

5Q]  Again if you own a Vintage SuperModified, Sprint Car or Champ Car you are already a member.



All rules are open to change at the discretion of Race Promoter, Race Director or Participants at any time with CSRA having the final approval.

2014 C.S.R.A.  RULES by

Tommy Lee Hennings, Acting President CSRA llc,