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By July 17, 2013SPRINT / CHAMP CARS

It’s considered one of the most beautiful race track settings in the world. Enjoy.

by Victor Amon, Staff -Writer

It’s one of the famous west coast racing plants. You may have heard of it, CALISTOGA SPEEDWAY. We who race and are fans simply call it, “Stoga.”

By what ever name you refer to this facility it’s certainly legendary. Indy 500 drivers came directly from this track like the 1952 pole sitter, Fly’n Freddie Agabashian among others.

Calistoga is a true 1/2 mile track. It’s the only half mile dirt track left in California. The track is a full half mile on the inside. During the week they practice football and the high school team is known as one of the best.

Because the facility is used regularly by the residence of Napa the grounds are stunningly maintained while being nestled into the low lying mountains of the Napa Valley. There are no other tracks located in such a way as Stoga.

Known for it’s long straights and tight turns, it has been reputed to be very hard on motors and drivers.

We wanted to share a video of Stoga with all of you, so lets go party Napa style with a ‘toast’.

Calistoga Speedway

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Victor Amon, Staff -Writer