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It was the Fastest Clay Oval in the World and more than its share of stars came from here. 

By Larry Bestwick, Contributor


Larry ‘The Roseville Rocket’ Burton HOF,

Capital Speedway and Roseville Speedway SuperModified Champion.

Winner of 25 Consecutive Main Events.

National Record Still Stands.


1968 West Capital Speedway Jerry  Graham HOF Bob Leman HOF SuperModified

West Capital Speedway Racer

From the rough and tumble of the ‘World’s Fastest Quarter Mile Clay Oval’ here’s a stunning  era correct Capital Speedway Racer.  Originally built and raced by two of the best ever to build and ‘saddle up’ at Capital.  When simply looking at this car without putting it in context takes away from its hidden beauties. There is much more going on here than the simple eye can see.

This West Capital Speedway SuperModified captures a very special time when racers were running out of 32-35 Ford frames so sanctioning bodies across the country allowed these racers to make a chassis.

A car that would’ve been absolutely state of the art when built because of the chassis, racing wheels, rear end, more than ‘hopped up’ real racing engine, fiberglass body and wing. This is a purpose built racer competing against chopped up cars.

It was only ten years earlier SuperModifieds invented the inverted wing for racing. [1958 Sandusky Ohio SuperModified] The ‘evolutionary development’ will really start and new cars will become old cars very quickly as these an other designs will  permeate racing. A very significant racing era depiction.


Larry Bestwick, Contributor