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Well you thought only us open wheelers can drive, news flash !

By Victor Amon, Staff -Writer


JR RACES ASCOT and we have the incredible but true film footage of this rare film clip from the MAXRUSHTV film archives.

Watch the old moon shiner romp on it right from the start.

That mega huge 427 Ford was a windn’ baby and I mean it screams. The audio and film is of extreme high quality and you will appreciate that.

Jr immediately attacks the track diving low in one. It was a bit to low and as he sailed it in to low you guessed it he turned it.

Well you think he wasn’t that good he turned it and still ran a faster lap than some.


Click picture to view video

Now I know this is a stocker and your wondering why its here.

Its’ here because he was an is a legend and he was on our track.

Sit back and get into it.

You supermodified guys better love it because that 2 x 4 box tubing is representative of a 32-35 Ford frame.

Now chill and enjoy !

Victor Amon, Staff -Writer

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