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By June 30, 2016INDY

Voted top ten most beautiful Indy Roasters- 1960 San Diego Steel Products Chenowth Indy Roadster. 

By Hugh DePalma, Staff -Senior Writer


Historically significant and built for one reason, to challenge the dominance of the Offenhauser at Indy, this 1960 Chenowth Indy Roadster, also known as the San Diego Steel Products Roadster, never actually raced in the Indianapolis 500. However the Roadster served notice that the Offenhauser engine’s days were indeed numbered at that level of competition and at the same time it showcased the potency of the Chevrolet small-block V-8. Raced until the 1980s, it has since been restored to its 1961 configuration and livery and has made numerous appearances at vintage races.

Image result for don edmunds auto researchFirst Chevy V8 to attempt a qualifying run at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 1961. Set a world speed record for open wheel cars for 1 lap on a 1-1/2 mile track of 157.4 MPH on October 12, 1964 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Won the “Little 500” at Anderson, Indiana in 1977 with Jeff Bloom driving. It was driven by such notable drivers as Mike Magill, Greg Weld, Bob Hurt, Bob Pratt, Al Smith, Cy Fairchild, Tom Sneva, Ray Wright, Duke Cook, Johnny Logan, Marv Carman and Jeff Bloom. AACA Certified Competition Race Car # 127



In this era picture above,  click it, click it again to blow it up. Look at the size of that quick change center section to the left of the drivers hip when strapped in.

The picture above is again a reminder that these guys made their own racing parts. In the picture above notice the 1930’s Ford three speed. Yeah, they probably went to some wrecking yard as we all used to and bought the 3 speed for 2.00 or something. That’s why these era pictures are so important for historians and enthusiasts alike. We all can learn from these guys back in the day. Also we can see there were no mirrors on this racer. The dash is also different from the little we can see of it in the modern new pictures.


Hugh DePalma, Staff -Senior Writer